Hardwood Floor Cleaning Q and A

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Q and A

Hardwood floor cleaning

If you have a new hardwood floor and you want to know some techniques about cleaning hardwood floors, you are in the right place. Let’s see the common problems that might appear and some simple solutions to them.

If you have a new hardwood floor, once the mounting company is out, you will have to clean it to see exactly how it looks. First, you must consider the instructions of the manufacturer about cleaning hardwood floors. However, you must also prevent dust depositing. Here are a few tricks:

1. Place a small carpet at the entrance, so every guest could clean his or her shoes before entering the house.

2. The optimal temperature for the hardwood floors is 18-24 degrees Celsius. Try to keep this constant temperature and you will need to clean your floors less often

3. The wood suffers dilatation and contraction because of the differences of temperature. Try to keep the widows closed during the winter, and open them only if the room is a little cold. Therefore, you must turn off the heat first, wait for a few minutes, and open the windows after. This way, the wood doesn’t suffer sudden temperature changes.

4. As for the effective cleaning hardwood floors, the rules are simple. Use a soft cotton tissue, and wipe the floors just as long as needed. Don’t insist with the wet towel, as the wood might be affected. Try to avoid organic solvents, and don’t forget about the trusty vacuum cleaner that can eliminate a whole series of problems.

5. If you are the kind of person that likes moving the furniture around the house, you will need to clean your hardwood floors more often. You must protect the floor while moving the furniture by covering it with some special materials.

Don’t rush to buy any common wax for cleaning hardwood floors. This special type of wood is delicate, and the wrong solution might ruin it. The wax for the hardwood floor is, in fact, a polishing solution. If your wax left a layer on the floor, it means you did not use the corresponding product. Use the mop to clean it away and apply another layer of suited wax for cleaning hardwood floors.

If you also want your floor to remain shiny, you must use resembling products with the ones used for the furniture. You will probably find them in the same area of the supermarket, but you must also read the label of the product carefully. Respect the instructions if you want to obtain the perfect result.

You must also consider the traffic class while cleaning hardwood floors. The traffic class means the number of people walking on that floor every day. For the floor in your house, this is not a problem, but how about the floor from your office or your store? There are three main traffic classes:

Light: your home floor is situated here. Only a few people are walking on it every day, and the simple home solutions are more than enough for cleaning hardwood floorsof this type.

Medium: the floor from a local store with a few dozens of people walking on it every day is considered medium. In this case, you will need special solutions and also waxing once or twice a month

Heavy: the floors from public institutions and busy companies. Besides cleaning and waxing, cleaning hardwood floors of this kind implies calling the specialists once a month to polish the floor and to wax it professionally. In our days, the majority of companies prefer marble and tiles, but only the hardwood will be able to give that impression of professionalism and style you are looking for.

For more tips on how to keep your hardwood floors beautiful for years to come, visit Hardwoodvacuum.net for pro tips & tricks.

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